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Before you decide to allocate some funds to an annuity, let us provide you with the best annuity comparative analysis.  

The single most important annuity guarantee that every retiree should demand and how to get it free…

AnnuityCompare is designed to help advisors illustrate the full capability of annuities using our advanced calculation and withdrawal tools. This new tool enables us to show a client how their annuity has performed so far (Snapshot Tool), how it will continue to perform in the future (Illustration Tool), and how other strategies that we can provide you will perform in comparison. 

Running a report will give you a comprehensive overview of the client's annuity results—including Illustrated Rate of Return, Net Growth, and Fees as a Percentage of Growth. 

Additionally, with over 400 FIA products in the software to choose from, we can tailor a custom withdrawal strategy that could increase withdrawal income up to 40% over account-draining income riders. 

Using our comprehensive software will allow us to save time, increase your retirement value and massively boost your guaranteed income. 

AnnuityCompare's goal is to become your retirement maximization strategy and Illustrations are the best way to show a client, mathematically, why our retirement strategy for them is better. We like to use the word “demystify” because that’s what you really can do with this tool.

We like to use the word “demystify”, because that’s what you really can do with this tool. The basic idea behind using a Snapshot and an Illustration in our advisory is to show our client where they’ve been (with the Snapshot Tool) and where they’re headed (with the Illustration Tool).

This is important today because  we provide fiduciary guidance about alternative annuties about wherever your client first got that annuity contract, they were told that it’s the best in the business and that it can’t be beaten. Well, those “unbeatable” contracts are almost always very beatable, and we are a fiduciary  advisory that can use graphs and numbers to prove it to our client. That builds trust.

Our client is more receptive to review their current plan and more open to change, especially when you add up all the hidden fees and riders on an annuity and that lowers your accumulation and potential income.

We can show you not only where their current contract has failed, but also where it has succeeded and helped them to build on that success while still reducing their fees and increasing their withdrawals.

The advisory utilizes Annuity Compare software capabilities to its full potential  use it for every client, every case, and every contract. Not only can we guarantee a large boost to your financial security, but we can also guarantee a lot more money in our clients’ pockets, a better reputation for us, and countless hours saved trying to prove why your methods are better.

Do you have the time to do the research that our annuity compare softwares can do in minutes?

We'll  do the research, saving countless hours, to help you make the best informative decision about utlizing alternative annuties in your planning. 

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• A Fixed Indexed Annuity (“FIA”) is a tax-deferred retirement

savings vehicle that eliminates downside risk while allowing for the

opportunity to participate in upside market returns.

• FIAs help control financial market risk and mitigate longevity risk.

• In simulation, using dynamic participation rates and uncapped

index crediting designs, a generic large cap equity FIA using a

large cap equity index outperformed long term bonds with similar

risk characteristics and better downside protection over the period


• An FIA may be an attractive alternative to traditional fixed income

options like bonds to accumulate financial assets (tax-deferred)

prior to retirement.

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